Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Weekend

Well, Sean had a few episodes last night that may or may not compromise his release. I will know more later today hopefully. Evan is still on two liters of oxygen but it's room air so he is relying on the flow more than the oxygen purity. He lost a little weight but we expected that. Yesterday I got a lot of time with Evan - I feel like he needs it though I spent a lot of time feeding Sean. Sean had an apnea episode yesterday that scared me to death. I was feeding him and he forgot to breathe and lost all the color in his face. His oxygen level dipped. I stopped feeding him and started burping him to get him to breathe. It worked but it really freaked me out. My heart was racing for a few hours after that.... His nurse says it's normal for that to happen to preemies and that she was glad I experienced it in the hospital so I understand how to deal with it if it happens at home. Yikes! I was getting nervous about Sean coming home but now I am not sure when that will happen based on last night. It's up and down for us I guess.....

Here is a video of Sean and one of Evan. Evan is wired and antsy (I think from hunger and maybe caffeine). Sean is drifting to sleep.

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Lisa said...

I know this must be so hard for you and so emotional. One day at a time.... You are in the thoughts and prayers of many of us each and every day, throughout the day. Hang on to that, and to hope, and just hang on. (Even if by a thread sometimes) Take care - talk to you soon.
p.s. those boys get cuter every day.