Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The doctor called us at 11pm last night to let us know that they were putting Evan back on oxygen and an IV. He was having episodes were his heart rate and oxygen saturation were dropping all day (I witnessed it a few times myself) and his color was bad so they felt it would be good to help him with the breathing. It sounds like it is related to the stomach problems he was having so they gave him an x-ray that came back okay. They also did blood work that came back okay. He is on antibiotics in case it's an infection. We'll know the results of the blood cultures in 48 hours which presumably will tell us if he has an infection. It's probably nothing but it worries me of course. I was feeling too calm I guess so now I have something to worry about..... Heading to the hospital early today so I can spend extra time holding Evan. I don't know if it is true but they say frequent contact with your premature baby helps make them stronger while in the hospital...

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