Thursday, August 7, 2008

Patience is a Virtue I Don't Have Sometimes

Evan is still struggling a bit with his oxygen levels. The neonatologist looked at his chest x-ray and explained that what is happening to him is not that unusual. Apparently the little sacs in your lungs should be soft but Evan's are stiff due to prematurity. They will be giving him doses of caffeine to help keep the sacs open in his lungs so he does breathe, the breaths will be deeper. He doesn't have an infection as all of his tests have come back okay. He is also on a high flow nasal cannula that is delivering oxygen to him so he doesn't drop in oxygen levels. If he does well with the caffeine, they can take him off of the oxygen. There are no long term effects of caffeine so I am hopeful that is helps him. Sadly it is a setback in terms of going home soon but it's something time will heal hopefully.

Sean is doing much better - in fact they are saying he is a big show-off because he is doing stuff he shouldn't be doing yet. He is taking all of his feedings from a bottle, he is maintaining his body temperature and has been transferred to an open air crib. They removed his feeding tube as well so he almost wireless. If his weight gain persists and he continues to do well he may be able to come home in four days. However, babies burn calories bottle feeding when they are this young so it's possible his weight gain will slow down.

So I have mixed feelings. I would love to be able to take them home together but it's not going to happen. I feel good that at least Evan is likely to get better. I just need to be patient!

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