Monday, August 4, 2008

Two Week Birthday

is tomorrow.... And they have made progress. Evan's IV is out and he is taking feedings in a gavage tube (through his nose) consistently. He is up to 35mL at each feeding. He is still having some apnea episodes that the nurses are watching. I think he might get a cannula if it persists but they have not done that yet. Both have surpassed their birth weight finally (all babies lose a little weight after birth) so they are growing. Sean is eating consistently so much so they tried him on a bottle Sunday which went well. He took 25 mL in a bottle the first time and 15mL the second time. They are only going to do one or two bottle feeds a day so as to not wear him out. Sucking/eating from a bottle is a learned experience where babies have to learn how to stop the flow of milk and breathe. All in all it is going well but the progress happens slowly so we're still looking at 3 more weeks probably. Sigh.... One of the other moms told me that it will go by quickly. I hope so.

While we waiting, we are finishing up the babies room. The room was measured for new carpet which we hope to get installed in the next few weeks. We are shopping for the second crib now as well so it will be ready. I will be pulling out the bottles and washing the clothes we have for them too. We have received some very nice gifts from several people so I have many thank you cards to write. We are touched and overwhelmed by the generosity of our family and friends. There are not enough words to express our gratitude but I will do my best as I write the cards.

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