Friday, May 6, 2011

Words Words Words

"Mommy!  Look!  Rollacosta (rollercoaster)" is a weekly exclamation from our little Evan.  His words are really coming now and sometimes more often that we would like....(not really).  He is quick to remind me if Gretchen or Sean are crying.  He is quick to say "ow, it hurts" to pretty much anything.  He has told Gretchen he loves her on more than one occasion.  For sure, he is going to be a little charmer and if his present behavior is any indicator, a bit devilish.  He is singing a lot more too - Dora theme song and Laurie Berkner songs.  He has come a long way in the last nine months and we are so pleased.

Sean, too, is talking more.  He is very good a mimicking television (Dora, Diego, Timmy the Sheep) and books that he loves.  He started seeing an occupational therapist which I think is helping him a lot.  I still worry about his prognosis (is he autistic?  slow talker?  what?) but I am kind of waiting to see how the next six months go since he is doing a lot of things Evan was doing six months ago.  Both of them are transitioning out of Early Intervention programs into Early Childhood...which means new evaluations and testings.  They are going to get their vision and hearing tested in addition to checking their developmental progress.  We are pretty sure they will qualify for special education again so it should be an interesting year as we look to getting them potty trained.  Sean has gone on the toilet.  Evan went on his potty in his room this week so we may be close to that project very soon!

We will not be doing a big summer party for the boys' birthday but we will for Gretchen (July 9th - save the date!).  Instead we will do a small family gathering and some friends to celebrate their 3rd birthday.  It seems like just yesterday I was crying about having to leave them at Lake Forest NICU.....  I will try and keep the blog more up to date.  Check out our pictures from spring!