Monday, April 2, 2012

Can we go swimming yet?

Back in December we took the kids to a indoor water park that they enjoyed immensely.  After a long day swimming, both boys slept 12 hours straight!  We decided to take them to Indianapolis for spring break so we could visit the Indianapolis Zoo and the Children's Museum.   For a week before the trip, Evan kept telling me he wanted to go swimming in 'Napolis....  We didn't disappoint him.  Armed with a Dora life jacket, Evan was our little swimmer.  It always takes him the longest to get into it but then he goes all out once he's comfortable.  Sean also enjoyed the swimming at the hotel but he seemed most happy at the museum's library.  They had a green screen and camera to film the kids with a background.  He must have watched himself for twenty minutes.  The zoo happened to have a little roller coaster that luckily for the weather opened a few days early so we were able to get in our first roller coaster ride of the season.  Look out Six Flags, here we come!!!