Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flying Monkey

We broke down and bought leashes for the boys.  It is a very cute harness with a monkey on the back where the tail is the leash.  Sean adapted to it pretty quickly but Evan spent awhile turning around and around trying to look at it and touch it.  I shouldn't expect any less really from Evan.  He is a boy who wants to know how things work.  For example, he got his hands on a baby bottle (they are not still on them but he found one in my cabinet) and spent thirty minutes examining it and taking it apart and putting it back together (it was a Dr Brown bottle with an insert).  Sean can also be focused like Evan but he likes to examine books instead of the mechanics of something. 

This past weekend we had some nice weather so we let the kids go outside.  At first the boys did not leave the deck but after a couple times of being outside, Evan walked right off of the deck.  Luckily Steve was already there waiting to catch him.  This incident alone was enough for him to earn his "gonzo" nickname but there was more.  The same night, while I was rocking Sean in the rocking chair, Evan was upset and decided that jumping out of the crib would be the best way to get my attention (crying had not yet work in his mind I'm guessing).  I saw his leg on the crib so I jumped up and threw Sean in his bed just in time to break Evan's fall.  I also was able to reposition him a little so he landed flat on his face instead on his head.  Needless to say, Steve lowered the crib and I sat in the room waiting to see if he would try again.  He did not.  I think it hurt enough to scare him off for trying for awhile but I don't trust him further than I can throw him.  I knew we would end up for a jumper sooner or later...  Well, as they say, never a dull moment in our house though I wouldn't mind one once in a while.