Monday, December 1, 2008

4 Months Old

Sean and Evan are doing good. They celebrated their four month birthday a little while ago. Last week they had their doctor's appointment where Evan weighed in at 13 lbs and 9 oz (22.5 in long) while Sean was 14 lbs 13 oz (24 in long). They are a little behind in length but their weights have caught up. Their cheeks look nice and healthy! Developmentally they seem to be progressing - lots of smiles, cooing, grabbing at the jungle gym... Evan even laughed this past week (sweet music to our ears). They may be teething already as well. We are very happy and relieved.

With the onset of colder weather, our entire house has been fighting a cough at the very minimum including the boys (who are the most healthy ones right now). Since they were premature and it's cold season, Sean and Evan get RSV vaccine shots every month to ward off that icky virus (Gretchen had it last year and it was miserable). I have never washed my hands so much.... Poor Gretchen is not allowed to touch the boys until she washes her hands and then if she coughs we make her wash them again. I'm not a germaphobe but I don't want these boys to get sick! I don't think I can do any more hospital visits this year!

Thanksgiving was really nice - we have got the turkey down to a science. We had Steve's cousin and his family in addition to his mom, sister and aunt. It was very festive having more people at dinner - a tradition I would like to keep every year. We're looking forward to Christmas. Gretchen is really into this year and her enthusiasm is contagious. We decorated the house the day after Thanksgiving and started the Advent calendar to help count down the days! We're going to try to do a letter to Santa this week now that Gretchen wants everything for Christmas!