Wednesday, November 27, 2013


So we made the mistake of telling the kids about our annual trip to the water park.  This is the third year in a row that we've done it. The first year was a fluke, we only went one night to see how they would like it. Needless to say but they loved it! Last year we went there but didn't tell them and they were begging us to stay.  Evan kept telling me we could run to the store to buy some bathing suits (he's a problem solver indeed).  We told them we were just getting information so we could plan a trip in the future. When we pulled up and started unpacking the car, the shouts of joy could be heard a block away.  This year we told them in September so we heard about this trip for days and days. Evan actually slept with the water park brochure that came in the mail.  Evan was finally tall enough to ride some of the bigger water slides.  Sean was his typical self:  he enjoyed the splashing water for about an hour and was done with it.  He did however love the hot tub.  I have the dry skin to prove it since we had several trips to the hot tub.  The lazy river was a favorite for all of us since it was a chance to get away from the constant spraying water.....  My favorite is the wave pool but Gretchen scoffed at having to wear a life jacket.  Sigh.... she'll understand when she has her own kids someday.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dub Step Babies

The boys really like dancing.  They learned a ton of dance steps playing Wii that frankly really only work for the Wii but we're not going to burst their bubble.  We can literally get Sean out of bed (where he is under his blankets and saying no to school) by turning on Skrillex.  I'm glad they are musical though.  Even though Gretchen is learning to play the piano, I see a musical future at the very least for Sean but probably Evan too!

My little gymnast

Lenore has been taking the boys to gymnastics for quite some time.  We took a break this summer from it but Evan spent a lot of time honing his skills.  I think because we were really impressed with his attempts to do cartwheels, he kept doing them for us.  I included a little video from the summer.

The boys resumed gymnastics this week and Lenore indicated that Evan paid close attention to the kids who could do stunts.  I will have to make sure he doesn't try flipping off the couch!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gruesome Twosome

Evan wanted to be Frankenstein and Sean wanted to be a skeleton.  I said okay but once I buy the costumes, there is NO changing.  They both assured me they understood.... until I bought them... then they wanted to change.  I said no so they agreed to switch... problem solved! 
Sean and Evan plus Gretchen and her girl scout friends
It happened to rain most of Halloween but I got this shot while it was just drizzling....  They got a ton of candy so don't feel bad for them!