Monday, April 29, 2013

Preschool is almost over and then KINDERGARTEN

We had the boys' IEP meetings last month and it was confirmed that they will be in regular Kindergarten next school year.  We weren't sure because frankly Sean still has less speech than Evan and transitions are tough for him.  Evan seems very caught up to his classmates but he still needs fine motor work and some speech.  Both of them will continue to get speech and OT which I hope continues to help.  As much as I want Sean to be as conversational as Evan, he really has come a long way in the last school year.  He talks and talks and talks... Sometimes it's reciting a story he loves or sometimes he's answering your questions from an hour ago but he does talk more than ever now!  Anyway, today was C Day in the end of Preschool Alphabet Countdown.  C for Cowboy... and here are my little cowboys