Monday, August 24, 2015

1st Day of School 2015/2016

This morning Evan and Gretchen argued, on this first day of school, of whether or not Evan's 1st grade teacher was his teacher that year (he starts 2nd grade today).  I had to break up the argument by explaining that they were both right and how school years are calendar years... it was all very exhausting.  Steve is out of town for work so these little cuties had to get up real early so I could drop them off at day care and get to work. 

Monday, August 17, 2015


So today I get a call from day camp asking me to come and pick Evan up because he has lice.  Then they say I need to pick up all three even though they only think it's Evan.  One of them has had lice before and it is the worst.  We had to buy a really expensive nit comb and comb and treat several times.  I know what the adults look like and what the eggs look like (excuse - I have to barf now).... I get the kids and immediately get Sean into the chair to shave his head.  I do a quick check and I don't see any bugs and no eggs but to be safe, he gets shaved (#2 guide).  Next up I get Evan in the chair.  I look at his head more closely and I don't see anything.  Not a bug, no egg sacs, nothing.  Evan does have dermatitis (cradle cap) that happens to be pretty bad because of all the chlorine his head has seen this summer.  It looks like my psoriasis - white and scaly.  I normally use the lice comb (irony!) to remove it from his hair but I've been lazy and haven't done it lately.  So I see no lice but a lot of dermatitis.  To be safe he gets shaved with the #1 guide (military short).  I decide to call the camp and I know they must hate me because I want to know what they saw.  They tell me they'll call me back. In the meantime, I do the shampoo on the boys and shower them.  Throw all the blankets we have around the house in the wash.  Strip their bedding and lay sheets on the couch so they can sit down.  Still no call yet so I decide to start working on Gretchen's hair.  Before combing it with the nit comb, I use a regular comb and I don't see anything.  She has a lot of hair so by the time I'm done, it's huge. Finally the counselor calls... She says they say something jump out of his hair (lice do not jump) or maybe fell out.  I ask if they looked at his head and they indicate they saw the white stuff (the dermatitis) so they ask Evan if it's itchy and he says yes.  Then he tells them he has lice.  GRRRRRRRR.....  I explain he has had dermatitis since he was a baby and my pediatrician can vouch for that so they say he can come back tomorrow if I have a doctor's note.  I call my pediatrician and they won't do anything without seeing him so we go in this evening and she looks him over, listens to my story and gets me a letter.  Then she tells Evan that he caused his own problem!  Moral of the story:  Don't listen to a 7 year old.  In truth, I'm not mad anymore... everything in clean and the boys won't need a haircut for awhile but man, am I tired!