Monday, December 28, 2009

The Power of Bacon

We had a really nice Christmas this year despite 2009 being one of our more difficult years...  I took the week off and was home with the kids most of the week so I could work on table foods with the boys.  We have been struggling to get the boys off of baby food (the puree kind) for the last month.  I don't remember having such a difficult time with Gretchen in this area but the boys were two months premature so I am trying to cut them some slack.  Our pediatrician indicated that we would not worry about it until their 18 month appointment which is next month.   They will eat snacky food like goldfish crackers, baby crackers/cookies, cheerios, etc with no problem but will not attempt a bite of a banana!  All week I tried offering them various foods:  cinnamon toast, bananas, friend bananas, rice, cooked spaghetti, eggs and so on with little success.  Then I tried bacon!  I had to shove a little piece of bacon in Evan's mouth at first but once he got a taste of it, he ate it up.  Sean put it in his mouth with no problems and snatched the whole piece I was breaking into little pieces right out of my hand.  I was relieved and surprised....  It got me thinking...  Does bacon covered banana sound good?

Friday, December 11, 2009


Sean is really walking now with very little crawling.  Evan is not far behind though he is much more a risk taker than Sean.  Evan will leap body first from one piece of furniture to the next.  He doesn't usually cry when he falls but I think he must take calculated risks.  It is getting harder to keep them sectioned off but more of a necessity since they get into everything.  I used to have a clothes basket in the family room for the boys clothes (or Gretchen's) in case we changed them in pajamas or something downstairs but I had to remove it because Sean enjoyed emptying it out.   They both like to throw things behind their backs - they just crack up when they do it.