Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Going to Be a Long Week

It turns out Sean had another brady on Sunday evening where he required oxygen. The nurses assure me this is just due to prematurity but it is hard to take. On Monday he another brady in my arms which is hard for me to cope with too often (last time it happened while I was holding was over a week ago). I am worried for him and have been praying for him. Other than the brady episodes, he has a little diaper rash. They had him laying with his naked butt in the air to help dry out his bottom. I got a picture of it but haven't posted it yet. It's cute...

Evan is seemingly getting his act together. He took two bottles for me in under ten minutes when it was normally taking him 30 minutes. The nurse on Monday said "maybe the light bulb in his head finally went off". It's a funny way to put it but let's hope she is right. He is off the caffeine and is still gaining weight. He is now four pounds and ten ounces. He hasn't had any apnea episodes but part of me is holding my breath.

Monday was rough. I came home crying (the nurses were hugging me which I take as a bad sign) because of the brady Sean had in my arms. Steve made me feel better. I know intellectually that all will work out in time but that does not always help emotionally. Tomorrow is another day thankfully!

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