Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Evan is better. He did really well on the oxygen. His x-rays were okay. They did see a small spot on his lung so they thought it could pneumonia. The neonatologist did not think it was that so I am not sure how long he will be on antibiotics. They are feeding him again though and he seems much better. So I am hoping this was just a bump in the road. Of course they will have to increase is food slowly and decrease his oxygen slowly so it may take a day or two to get him back where he was.

Sean is doing well. I got to nurse him a little on Tuesday. I am so amazed a baby that small knows exactly what to do. I also bottle fed him. He seems to be doing really well with the bottle feeds. They are slowly bringing down the temp in his isolette to help prepare him for maintaining his own temp.

Finally, the other two babies that have been in the nursery with the twins went home this week. Their parents were so happy. I can't wait for that to be us. Maybe in a few weeks.....

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