Saturday, March 29, 2014

Evan's Tooth

Evan lost his first tooth last night!  Sean was a touch sad that he hasn't lost one of his.  Sean just saw the dentist so we know that adult teeth are coming up under the baby ones.

California Adventure

For Spring Break we took an actual vacation:  flew to Anaheim on Sunday and came back on Friday. Sunday we hit the Discovery Museum (its in the shape of a cube) and then some swimming at the hotel, Monday we hit Disneyland, Tuesday we went to Legoland, Thursday we went to the other Disney park California Adventure and Friday we headed home.  It was exhausting but fun.  We left Six Flags early to hit the Hollywood Sign and the Star Walk but traffic was so bad that we ended up just looking at it from the car..... I don't think the kids would've been able to handle it.  Sean surprisingly was a bit fearful at Disney.  All the rides in Fantasyland were too dark for him but literally and figuratively.  We had to force him on to Space Mountain and he flat out refused to go on a lot of coaster when Evan could not go (Evan is 3 inches shy of the 48 in height requirement).  Of course the kids wanted to go swimming every day but the weather was not extremely warm.  We tried to fit swimming and hot tub in after the day's activities.  All in all we had a great time.  Evan is already asking what we're doing on our next vacation.  We told him camping... he did not seem as excited.  Hard to top this adventure I guess....  Check out the exhaustive pics here.

Finally got to meet Mickey the last day at Disney

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Swim Class

To get the boys ready for the pool this summer we put them in swim class (Grandma takes them to gymnastics).  I wanted to do karate but swim class made more sense right now.  Evan likes it but I was worried about Sean since he does not like getting in the water (he's fine when he there but doesn't like getting in initially).  Both of them really love it.... which is good... they'll be in it until summer gets here....