Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Running Ragged

The boys are walking and talking (well sort of talking) all day long now.  We definitely have our hands full of children these days!  We took the kids to the Shedd Aquarium last week and decided to let the boys loose so they could walk off some of their energy (in the picture to the right, they are constrained in the stroller.  Don't they look thrilled?).  They both took off in opposite directions!  We are considering buying those terrible child leashes for future outings at least until they can learn to stay with us (that will happen, right?).  They had their 18 mo check early this month and I posted their stats to the blog.  Sean is roughly 29 lbs and 34 inches tall.  Evan is 28 lbs and 31 inches tall.  We are still struggling with finger foods but it is getting better.  We think Evan will talk first because he is already saying some words:  light, that (or "dat"), mama, daddy, etc.  Sean said mama this past weekend and I just melted since I have been waiting forever for him to say it.  He has started becoming more vocal as well but not as boisterous as Evan.  We are seeing more fights/scuffles over toys.  Evan is all over Sean all the time and you can tell Sean would like to be left alone.  They both like books but Sean will look at books for a very long time before moving on to something else.  Evan figures out all the angles and controls on toys, doors, cabinets, light switches, etc.  Maybe he'll be engineer?