Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happiness is a Warm Pool

June hasn't proved to be hot quite yet but the pool we had at our hotel in St Louis was warm.  We gave the kids a choice of going back to Six Flags or stay in the pool.  The pool won hands down... Hee

Rough Summer

Ferris Wheel at Six Flags St Louis

Sean and Evan's height difference persists and this summer it is changing some things.  Namely it is changing how we do amusement parks.  As I wrote on Gretchen's blog, both Gretchen and Sean can ride more rides now due to their height while Evan needs to grow two more inches to move up to more rides.  We have to split up a lot or find something for me and Evan to do while Steve, Sean and Gretchen are riding something exciting.  It was especially hard this month when we went to Six Flags in St Louis where there were NO roller coasters for Evan to ride.  He was a little bored but he took it in stride (I feed him lots of snacks and chocolate milk).  It's working out fine - Evan is not focusing on it too much but he's no dummy... He is going to notice and understand more clearly why I think by the end of the summer.  Pobrecito....