Thursday, August 14, 2008

Going Home?

Sean might be coming home this weekend - we're in a wait and see mode. I am not getting my hopes up again. Even though I was scared to bring him home last time, I was so heartbroken when we didn't get to that I am not getting excited until they call me and tell me to bring his going home outfit!

Evan on the other hand will be there for a while. He is slowly getting better at bottle feeding. Once he is taking all of food in a bottle, they will wean him off of the caffeine. Once that happens, they have to wait several days until it's out of his system completely to see if he is breathing okay on his own. It sounds like Evan won't be home for at least a week and half more. I am hoping to get him home by Labor day (that's my worst case scenario day in my head).

I am very lonesome today - the carpet for their room is being installed so I am not sure when I will get to visit them in the hospital. Like the weekends, I get kind of ancy if I don't get to hold my babies.... At least the room will be close to ready...

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Kris said...

We are thinking of you everyday. I am here if you need me...I try to stay out of the way and not intrude but know it's killing me that I can't (in true kris style)fix this. We can't wait to see them!!!!