Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day By Day

We took Gretchen with us today and she did pretty good. We only stayed an hour (Steve only 20 minutes, I took 40 min). I got to hold Evan for the first time. He was taken off of the CPAP and is on the canula now. He's doing better but apparently not so great with eating. His stomach needs to mature more so there is an IV in his foot/leg. He has gotten a lot more vocal which the nurses tell me is good (he has made a peep all the times I visited). Today I heard him raise a good fuss. Both babies are on the photo therapy blankets though Evan got a really big blue light on him. Their bilirubin counts are going down with is good. Sean is also progressing. He is taking 20 ml of milk at each feeding in his feeding tube. He is off of the oxygen altogether and was placed in an isolette. He is looking good!

I took a little video of Evan but as soon as I hit record, he got quiet on me!

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