Thursday, July 31, 2008

Already a Week Old and Counting

It has been over a week since they were born. No weight gains yet but we hope to see it soon. Evan is off the oxygen but still has an IV. Hopefully his digestion issues clear up so he can get off of the IV this week. Sean is doing good - just eating and growing. Both of their ultrasounds came back and were good so there is no bleeding on the brain. I have gotten to know the other babies in the NICU - Lucas and Hayley (or is it Kaylee - not sure). They are hopefully close to going home. Their mothers are often there at the same time I am there. They both look tired like this experience has aged them. Both they also look so expectant - I recognize it in their faces. I try to remember that is how I will look in a month (hopefully - we have no real idea when they will come home). So now I pray for them while I pray for Evan and Sean.

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