Friday, July 25, 2008

Baby Blues

Well both of the boys are jaundice so they are on photo therapy blankets (which are usually blue). Gretchen also had one of the blankets for a few days when she was born so it's no big deal. Evan was taken off of the ventilator today and put on a CPAP machine. It's a little mask he wears over his nose. Today's picture of Evan is very blue because of the blanket. Steve got to hold Sean finally and it made for some cute pictures. We're anxious to hold Evan - maybe tomorrow. We want to see him on room air soon as well. It was very hard leaving them today at the hospital. I feel like a piece of me is missing but I know it's a blip in time so I will be patient. On a lighter note, I think Gretchen is happy I am home (though she keeps hitting me in my tender midsection!)

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