Thursday, October 9, 2008

Came up for air

We are getting close to the end of maternity leave. I miss work but I will miss my babies too. It is challenging to say the least to have twins - someone is always needing you so you feel like someone else is getting shorted a little. I pray that it all balances out in the end as I desperately try not to favor one child over another (this includes Gretchen). We have had to rearrange the structure of our lives - every activity seems to take a lot more planning. I remember that from when Gretchen was a baby but it seems worse with twins. We have given up on some of our extra activities or causes since our family needs more attention. It is hard for me to admit I can't do everything but I don't have much choice I think... At least I'm done with school!!!

My sisters came last week to visit which gave me an opportunity to do things I miss like cook, run errands, etc. It was nice to feel a little carefree and run out to the store when I needed to. I even made my first batch of smoked ribs last week (Steve trained me well). I have been getting out more this week with the boys now that my sisters are gone. One weird thing that I have noticed - wherever we go, people will go out of the way to look at the babies. Many tell me they know someone who has twins. I don't think I was prepared for the natural curiosity over twins but I am trying to get used to it since it happens everywhere. For example, at the pediatric eye doctor yesterday I counted six different people or groups of people who came over to inspect my boys. I don't like the extra attention but I am taking it as a compliment and trying to tolerate it as best as I can. After all, they are cute.... Hee!

Here are some pictures from this fall... look how big the boys are getting!

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