Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Big

Well, our little boys are getting bigger! Last week they had special shots for RSV so they were weighed at the doctor's before the shot. Evan is 10 lbs 13 oz and Sean is 12 lbs and 1 oz. They are starting to fill out their clothing as well. I am putting them in 3 month stuff (it's still a little loose but their three month birthday was a few days ago). We had a nice open house last week - we appreciate everyone who could make it. Now that I am back to work, we are readjusting our schedule. Steve and I are both getting up at night in hopes of each one of us feeding one baby and getting back to sleep faster. If one person feeds both, it could take over an hour sometimes. The boys are still eating every three to four hours so we are getting up a lot. Since they are off the apnea monitors (that happened at the end of Sept), we have them sleeping in their room now instead of in the pack n play in the living room. Gretchen shockingly sleeps through most of their nighttime crying. I hope that lasts.... We are seeing more smiles and cooing than before so hopefully their development catches up as fast as their weight! They definitely have different little personalities surfacing. Evan is more laid back while Sean is a little more vocal. Anyhow, they are doing well. We are very, very sleep deprived right now but other than that, I have no complaints! Looking forward to the week I have off at Thanksgiving! As always, recent pictures are at Flickr.

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