Saturday, September 13, 2008

Still Standing

I know I haven't posted lately because well, frankly, I have been trying to sleep when we are not taking care of the babies and Gretchen. Finally today I figured I need to get back to reality (what day is it?) and post some pictures. Both boys are doing good - gaining weight, sleeping, etc. They are still eating every three hours and now that Steve is back to work, I am doing nights with them. If it were one baby, it would be so easy but it takes an hour to feed two babies. Only Sean has got the hang of nursing but sometimes I don't have that kind of time if Evan is crying his heart out to get fed at the same time.... I feeling more myself - that first week was a doozy! I don't know when a family of five will feel "normal" but I am looking forward to Halloween when Gretchen will be The Cat in the Hat and the babies will be thing one and thing two... Hee!

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Lisa said...

Love the pictures of your beautiful children! Family of five will be normal before you know it, but probably not while you're getting three hours of sleep at night. Yikes!