Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The House Time Forgot

What a homecoming! I knew it would be a lot of work but really the main problem is sleep deprivation. Steve and I are feeding the babies in shifts. He gets the 11pm to 3am, I get the 3am to 7am. We have swapped with each other but neither shift is all that easy to do. I am going to miss Steve when he goes back to work. Steve's mom said she could come over so I can get a nap once Steve goes back to work. I will be taking her up on that! Hopefully they will be sleeping longer when I go back to work next month... While we are trying to "enjoy this time" (that is the advice everyone gives you about babies), having twins really complicates that advice. People also advise to "sleep when the baby sleeps" which we try to do but with twins, you are usually feeding the other baby while one is sleeping. We are thankful however to have them home so we can get on with our lives even if that means no sleep. We are really trying to get to know the babies and get down their rhythms and routines.

Anyway, the boys are doing good. The monitors are cumbersome but we are happy to have them. Sean has had a few episodes mostly around feedings (which the NICU told us to turn them off during feedings). We are adjusting to a family of five, especially Gretchen. She is giving them kisses and pats but she doesn't understand how delicate they are so we cannot leave her unattended for any amount of time with the babies (which can be exhausting). I think we were all relieved to get her out of the house this weekend for a birthday party for one of her friends.

Speaking of birthdays, Steve's birthday was yesterday. I got him twin boys! Can't take them back..... Hee!

Sorry I have been late to respond to phone calls and emails. Obviously I have my hands full. Just know that we appreciate all the kind words, meals, emails and gifts.

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