Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Gretchen went as the bride of Frankenstein while the boys got to be football players.  This was really their first year of trick or treating where they even understood the process.  Last year I don't think they went to more than one house.  This year, they were were all about it!  Evan and Sean followed Gretchen from door to door to pursue candy.  Their stamina for the evening was better than Gretchen's when she was three.  I walked them as long as I could.  At one point Sean started sitting in driveways to get a rest.  Evan had me carry his candy pal because he was so tired.  Next year I will let them pick their own costumes now that I know they get it and will remember it.  So much fun and yet I'm glad it's over!

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"Mrs.Levy" said...

Your boys are so sweet.........glad they had so much fun!