Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growing up fast!

Just a quick update on the boys!  They seem to be doing well in Early Childhood (with speech and occupational therapy).  We separated the boys into different classes to give them both a chance to become independent.  I had been more worried about Evan in this scenario because he really looks for Sean and Gretchen when they are not in the room with him.  Evan is doing well however but it doubles the amount of paperwork I get in their backpacks.  It's a challenge to keep their papers and assignments straight along with Gretchen's stuff. 

Evan is talking quite a bit - his latest thing is telling me he can't like something.  For example:  I can't like cheese.  Or I can't like a nap.  Now I'm asking him about school and his answer to those questions is yes.  It doesn't matter what I ask, he says yes.  Me:  Did you roast marshmallows at school?  Yes.  Did you color at school?  Yes.  We have been working on the dialogue between us and the boys.  I ask Evan what he did at school every day.  For a few weeks the answer was "I colored"...  Then it was "I play centers" (their stations of play at preschool).  So... we're getting there.

Sean is also talking more.  He seems to speak up more when asked questions.  He really likes to sing and we can often get him to sing songs.  He likes the songs he's learning at church and on his favorite singing show "Fresh Beat Band".  He actually tries to dance and sing while watching this show which is the only reason I tolerate it.  Steve calls it the "Glee" for preschoolers....kinda true...

We've been working on potty training so the boys can go to Gretchen's old daycare.  It hasn't been easy.  Sean seems pretty close but consistency is still an issue.  Only in the last week or so has Evan gotten aboard the potty train.  He gets more excited when he uses the potty which is very very cute to me (look!  I made tinkles!)...  Over the summer I locked the boys out of the house so we could try them in underwear but they did not get it.  We took a break and started again... I've tried treats (rewards) and underwear underneath the pull up but they will be ready when they are ready I guess.  I know, I know.. they won't be in diapers in kindergarten....

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