Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My little Tomtens!

We had a very busy holiday season (just look at Gretchen's blog for a list)!  The boys were not up to sitting on Santa's lap this year but they did smile at him.  This is their first real holiday season as boys (toddlers) and not babies.  So we did boy/kid type things!  They played out in the snow although reluctantly at first.  They opened their presents though Sean did not get into it as much as Evan.  And they really, really enjoyed their presents.  Aunt Sharon bought them a jumpolene and boy did they jump!  Christmas Eve we have a play where the girls dress up as St Lucia.  The boys got to be tomtens (elves) in the play.  Sean enjoyed doing it more I think but he likes wearing hats and snacking more than Evan does. 

They are going up so fast!  Both Evan and Sean are improving in Speech.  We had a review of their IEPs with Early Intervention in December and it is likely they will continue to receive speech services after they turn three.  We have seen a lot of improvement in both of them and are hoping for the best.  Evan has more words than Sean does (I lost count now how many) but Sean repeats most of what he hears.  I'm hoping he'll start using those words he repeats for himself soon.  Grandma continues to take them to gymnastics and they are close to being out of their cribs.  Evan threatens to climb out of his more and more.  It looks like 2011 is going to be action packed for all five of us!

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