Friday, November 5, 2010

Growing and Growing

The boys are keeping us alert and awake...  They enjoyed Halloween briefly..  We had two costumes that they both wore at different times:  an elephant and a dragon.  Steve took them around to a few houses but like with Gretchen when she was two, they didn't last long. 

Evan is a nonstop talking machine.  He's mimicking words and phrases so we're careful with what we say out load.  Sean is slowly coming around - he's babbling and singing a lot.  Sometimes he repeats random words that we say but his speech is not where it should be at this age.  Both boys are still receiving speech therapy and Sean will be evaluated for occupational therapy.  They think he may have a sensory processing issue which would explain his limited selection of foods.  Both Sean and Evan have issues with food - some would call it picky eating but I think there is more to it. 

Their personalities are so different, as I expected.  Evan is loud and boisterous.  He has to be the center of attention most of the time but he can be so sweet that it's hard to resist him.  For example, in the morning, after throwing a fit about his coat, he will blow me kisses goodbye.  Sigh...  He is funny.  He loves to take off his socks and shoes as soon as he gets home.  He doesn't like wearing clothing and has a hard time with long sleeves and coats.  He gets used to it but he doesn't like it.  He reminds me a lot of Steve's dad, Dave.  I think he would walk around the house in shorts and nothing else if we let him.

Sean on the other hand is soft spoken most often but can be screechy when provoked or frustrated.  He usually goes with the flow and doesn't enjoy Evan's daily dramas.  He can be very physically with both hugs and head butts.  He sings a lot... little songs to himself.  He enjoys musical toys and books.  He also really likes bead mazes - he plays with one at church every weekend.

I posted a video of Evan but I promise to get one of Sean up.  Until then, here are pictures from this fall.

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