Monday, March 16, 2009

The Specialist

Sean saw a pediatric pulmonologist today. After looking at his x-rays, he determined there is no foreign body in Sean's lungs. We were afraid they were going to have to scope him to see his lungs better. He listened to Sean and didn't hear a lot of wheezing but said he was very congested still. He thinks because of the eczema and longevity of the congestion, it could be an allergic reaction to cats or that the cat dander is making it difficult to recover. This sounds terrible but I would be okay with getting rid of the cats. I love having pets but if one of the kids is reacting to them, sayonara! My only worry is that the cats are getting old (Lolo is 14, Pepa is 13 and Quique is 12) and we would have a hard time finding homes for them. Anyway, we go back to see the pulmonologist in a few weeks to see if Sean is any better.

On a happier note, both Sean and Evan are really starting to "talk" with repetitive sounds like da da da, ba, ba, ba, etc. It's very cute. I'll try to post some video of it soon! They don't roll over very often and they are getting better at sitting up but not on their own yet. Evan is exactly one pound heavier than Sean (we think Sean did not gain as much because of all the illness). Though Sean is about two inches longer than Evan. Growing boys!

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