Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sean and the Wheeze

I got into a car accident on Friday the 6th with both Sean and Evan in the car. Everyone involved in the accident was not injured but I agreed to go to the ER because I wanted to make sure the boys were okay. They determined right away that they were not injured but they heard both babies wheezing. So.... They gave them albuterol breathing treatments to see if it would improve. Evan sounded better but Sean did not. Sean's blood oxygen was too low to release him so he had a chest x-ray that indicated a lot of congestion and viral pneumonia. They kept Sean for five days treating him with several different steroids (to reduce swelling in the lungs) and breathing treatments. He is not wheezing a lot but it's still there as well as his coughing and vomiting due to coughing. Because the x-rays were questionable and he did not improve much, we were referred to a pediatric pulmonologist to see if he can determine the issue. It's possible that Sean has a milk allergy or sensitivity (he is on soy now). It's possible he aspirated something into his lung (like food or a small object give to him by his sister). We're not sure. Monday we see the pulmonologist and hopefully get some answers. Thanks to everyone who posted nice things on Facebook, those who have emailed me and those who read the blog. We will update it next week after we see the specialist!

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