Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pete the Cat Tries His Best

Sean had to do a book report for school.  He had to pick a book, write the report and make a character out of the book using a pumpkin or gourd.  He picked Pete the Cat Play Ball.  If you have ever read a Pete the Cat book, you know that he always, always tries his best (he is not always successful).  Sean painted his pumpkin blue and we cut out eyes from card stock.  We made ears (they fell off).  We couldn't find a little baseball hat so we had to give up on that....  It turned out okay.  I wish I had used different paint since the acrylic I had did not look great.  His teacher took the book report project to the local library and had them displayed.  I took Sean to see them last night and he was pretty pleased with himself.  Pretty pleased indeed!

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