Sunday, March 8, 2015

Where did the time go?

I've been really busy and haven't posted here in forever.  We had a great Christmas.  We spent the week after going down to St Louis for some family fun.  We hit their Science Center, Zoo (for Christmas lights) and City Museum.  The kids loved the City Museum so much that we're going back there soon to visit it again.  It's been a cold winter - kids have missed several days to the school being closed for "coldness".  All three kids are back in swim lessons.  Evan is the most enthusiastic about swimming out of the two; Sean however is finally learning something in class and is turning about to be a decent swimmer.  It helps that he has long arms and legs. At the end of January, we went on a Cub Scout camp out (indoors) and poor little Evan hurt himself sledding (he hit a tree).  He bounced back but it gave me quite the scare.  Though it's hard for both boys to pay attention at Den meetings, we are continuing with Cub Scouts for another year.  It takes Sean so long to acclimate to new things... he just starting to make friends.  Both boys enjoy the outings a lot.  We are camping a lot more now and doing other fun stuff like Pinewood Derby cars.  Evan just hit the 48 inch mark recently and is super excited to ride the American Eagle this year at Six Flags.  We will probably go back to St Louis' Six Flags too now that Evan can ride more.  Sean is growing like a weed.  He's 52 inches and going.  I've got him into 7s and 8s in clothing even though he is still 6.  Evan is getting his had me downs now.  Yikes!  Lots of pics on Flickr from the winter.  Check it out....

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