Friday, June 13, 2014

Day Camp

Evan on Circus Day - he's a chiquaqua
This is the first summer the boys are not going to a daycare facility for the summer.  They are going to summer camp.  What's the difference?  Summer Camp (in my book) is outside all day type stuff with some swimming if possible.  Daycare is usually not (they go outside but it's not the homebase).  Gretchen has been doing a YMCA camp the last few years where she gets to go swimming and boating every day, archery and other fun stuff.  She loves it.  I was worried about sending Sean and Evan since Sean is a bit of hard case to transition to new settings especially since they are doing two different camps.  The good news is the are both really enjoying it!  No more whining about not wanting to go to school.  No more teary pleas to go to work with us (true story).  They are getting so big!  I miss them as babies but when they get in the car from being at camp and they are excited to tell me what they did that day, I am so happy.

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