Monday, February 25, 2013

Long Winter

Winter makes for some long weekends in our house.  We stay busy but soon, because we want so badly to get outside, cabin fever will rear its ugly head in our home.  Maybe, just maybe, the Wii we got two years ago will start to pay off.  Apparently the boys daycare has a Wii that the older kids play in their free time.  Evan likes the dancing game and is now playing it at home.  All three kids are really starting to get into the Wii games we have (which is not much:  Resort Sports, Just Dance and Music).  Their love of video games started with our smart phones and Kindle and now with the Wii (Gretchen likes playing games on the computer but the boys are not there yet).  I never really thought we would be a video game household but in some small way, I think it's better the passive TV that passed as entertainment in our house.  We do it together as a family but I already see an emphasis in Evan to "win".  This might lead to some fighting... sigh....

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