Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Get the Bugs Out

Sean had his dental surgery this month.  Some of you already know the he needed a lot of dental work.  I felt so terrible for so long about it as we waited for our surgery day to fix his teeth.  Our dentist suggested we fix his teeth all at once to spare him pain and discomfort.  Sean needed 6 crowns and a few cavities filled.  The dentist was wonderful and the procedure went well.  It had to be done under anesthesia so we went to a dentist that would do it in a hospital where it seemed safer.  Apparently Sean had some "soft" teeth where the enamel didn't harden like it should so it decayed very rapidly so it wasn't entirely my fault..... He looks unhappy in the picture but he ate food hours after it was taken.  I can now sleep at night knowing he isn't experiencing tooth pain.  My poor little guy!  We had Evan checked too and he did all of his fillings in the office so everyone is finally where they need to be.  And we are keeping those teeth sparkly clean!

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