Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Speech Therapy

I send the boys' speech therapist occasional updates on the boys to let her know how they are progressing at home.  For memory's sake, I'm posting one of my progress notes.


*Good at following directions to do some simple tasks like putting something in the garbage or if we ask him to bring us something.
*He retains and tries to re-tell some books that we read at night.  For example he likes Goodnight Gorilla.  When I give him the book to play with (while I get Sean ready), I can hear him "telling" the story as he flips through the pages.  He says "Ooh" at the same place I say it.  And he says Goodnight for all the pages where the zookeeper is saying goodnight to the animals.
*He is doing better with body parts.  We've been singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes to him.  Today he pointed at my feet and said Toes!
*I have tried giving him choices more but he isn't quite tuning into it.  It's like he has other things on the agenda and doesn't even listen to the choices.
*In general, Evan is very physically adventurous.  He climbs everything he can.  He is better at jumping in his crib (something he has been working on unfortunately).  He climbed monkey bars at the park this week and scared me half to death.


*Sean has been babbling more and more loudly (not in his usual soft tones) and more singing
*He also has been babbling with words more and when I come in the room he has said Momma which he really didn't do before (it was more random)
*He has been more affectionate too - seeking us out for hugs or to be picked up.
*He has been playing with sand a lot - twice on Thursday, again on Friday and on Saturday.
*He ate pudding although reluctantly.  We tried some other new foods as well that he wouldn't eat:  bologna, watermelon, string cheese, spaghettios.  The food he does like however he eats completely (loves bacon and waffles now)
*Sean is expressing his displeasure with Evan and other things (like food choices) instead of just walking away.
*Sean is starting to climb and go down the slide by himself (he used to wait for us to catch him).  He also likes to push stuff:  strollers, wagons, bikes, anything with wheels.

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